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    Vinyl Fences in Salt Lake County, Utah

    Providing Salt Lake County with Vinyl Fences

    Utah County may be our home, but we love helping anybody make their home more beautiful and valuable. Salt Lake County is a great place to live. It’s got a top notch venue for plays and musical in the Capitol Theatre, not to mention a great food scene. Riverton, Draper, Herriman, Bountiful — all great places to buy a home and put down some roots.

    Our service area includes the following towns in Salt Lake County:

    • Alta
    • Bluffdale
    • Cottonwood Heights
    • Draper
    • Herriman
    • Holladay
    • Midvale
    • Murray
    • Riverton
    • Salt Lake City
    • Sandy
    • South Jordan
    • South Salt Lake
    • Taylorsville
    • West Jordan
    • West Valley City

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    Testimonials from Salt Lake County

    Sheila Pederson – South Jordan

    “The guys were here to put in the railing today. It’s just beautiful! Thank you so much for the great facelift you’ve given to my house.”


    Brad Ralphs – Riverton

    “I hope that you don’t mind my emailing directly, but wanted to make sure you received my comments directly. I’ve written regarding the work and above and beyond performance of Mr. Craig Nowotny.

    “In brief, Mr. Nowotny’s positive attitude during his visits, ingenuitive spirit, and follow through are we still have a Vinyl Industries built and installed gate today. To elaborate a bit, our gate has never worked well, always “sagged” and basically served to block a hole in our fence, as opposed to providing access to our yard. We’d had a couple of service calls, some (paid) repair work done to the gate itself – but each time were simply told “they all sag like that” or “it’s normal for part of the gate to drag on the ground, just lift it up.” Ultimately we were told (when we asked why our neighbors didn’t have the issue) two astounding things: 1) “They didn’t buy their gate from us” and 2) “If you don’t like how it’s working, you can buy a new one and we’ll fix it – that will be about $1200.”

    “To be honest, the people from your company telling us these things weren’t rude – in fact were usually pretty nice. We were simply amazed at their suggestions and ultimately decided to take them to heart. We reached out to and received quotes from your competitors (all of which came with solid assurance the gate would actually open), and were about to choose which vendor to use when by chance Mr. Nowotny. He needed access to our yard to work on a neighbor’s gate (notice, another gate issue) and being rather annoyed with Vinyl Industries and gates I gave him an earful. Rather than respond in kind, or trying to tell me gates work that way, he took a look at our gate and immediately had some suggestions on fixing it. He also strongly suggested we not replace it, as it wasn’t broken, just needed some proper care. He indicated he needed some parts he had a hand in developing and would come back promising we’d be happy with the gate. I agreed, and though questioning my own judgment put your competitors’ bids on hold.

    “Mr. Nowotny did indeed follow up, let us know when he’d be back and showed up when he said he’d be there. He spent extra time explaining the issues with the gate, his plan to fix them, and showed me the parts he’d worked on to get the job done. After about an hour Mr. Nowotny announced the work was done, and to my great surprise and delight the gate works well! It does not drag on the ground, the latch works, it’s not sagging like an old barn door, and it looks good! Mr. Nowotny was right – it wasn’t a loss, and we weren’t expecting too much!

    “With the above noted, I would like to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to Mr. Nowotny. He saved us the time, money, and hassle of replacing the gate. For what it’s worth, he also single handedly saved Vinyl Industries’ reputation with our family and friends, something much harder to regain when lost as I’m sure you understand.”


    Janet Stoker – Salt Lake City

    “The work far exceeded my expectations. The worked were super friendly and courteous. Everything they did looks amazing.”


    Corby Romano – Draper

    “My name is Corby Romano. I had a vinyl fence put in by your company this past fall in my home in Draper. I just wanted to take a moment and thank your company as well as Dave Chappell. Our experience was wonderful and we would recommend your services to anyone in need. The fence was put in a very timely manner and looks beautiful. We are very happy with the product and the service we were given. Thank you for your work and professional service.”


    Angie Overby – Bountiful

    “I would like to say thank you to Craig, Scott, Ken and Caros for the beautiful addition to our home. This is a very well-built fence and it looks great!!!! Everyone was very respectable to myself and our property. Your crew is an asset to your company, it’s very nice to work with people that take pride in what they do. You run a very top notch company and I would refer anyone in the need of a fence to check this company out. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again!!!!”


    Margie Knudsen – Riverton

    “I just wanted to let you know what a great job your installers did for us. I am very pleased with the work in the completion of our fence. I was very happy with the repairs they made on the fence which was installed by your company several years ago.

    “It was a pleasure to have you work with us. We will recommend you to others that we know need a vinyl fence.”


    Amy Young – Riverton

    “I very recently had a fence installed by your company and wish to share my experience. Apparently, my adjoining neighbor and I had a miscommunication about the exact details of the fence and its alignment, resulting in a (one) post being installed in a manner that was unacceptable to him. The matter came to light on the day of the final install. I know that he had a conversation with at least one member of your staff in which he (my neighbor) was belittling, borderline abusive with him. I know this happened because I was standing next to the recipient as he was condescended to by my neighbor. Sadly, I don’t think that this scenario was isolated, but probably everyone who had any contact with my neighbor that day was most likely treated the same way.

    “I would like to express my gratitude for the very professional and friendly way that I was treated by the staff every step of the way. Craig was a wonderful salesperson who took the time to answer my questions, and went above and beyond to help me with my financing options. George and his crew were amazing. They were very quiet and efficient. George is very good at what he does and I appreciate that he takes pride in a job well done and I feel badly to think that this misunderstanding perhaps made him feel like his job wasn’t well done when it really was. Scott came out to help smooth ruffled feathers (even when the ruffled bird couldn’t break away to help the situation). He was wonderful, patient and accommodating to me as I had to make a decision for two people on my own. I even appreciate the friendly person who left a message on my machine telling me when I was on the schedule.

    “I am very pleased with the outcome of the fence – it is beautiful no matter which way the post is facing! I wish that I could apologize for my neighbor’s ill-treatment of a very simple matter, but I can’t. That is something that he would have to do on his own. The only thing that I can do is to give positive feedback where it is deserved. Thank you to everyone who helped me from the beginning to end – and everything in between. I will give my highest recommendation to anyone who is in the market for a fence. I would truly appreciate if my sincere gratitude could be forwarded on to the three gentlemen that I have spoken of – they made a difficult situation for me easier. The saying that “good fences make good neighbors” couldn’t be more true than it is in this instance and in addition to a good fence, I got a beautiful one and was able to work with friendly professionals!! Thank you again to everyone involved.”


    Marlene Harpole – South Jordan

    “Our fence has been installed, and looks very nice. Nathan and his crew put in the posts last week. I just wanted you to know that Nathan appeared so very capable, but he was also so kind in his manner and talk, so very professional. I appreciated that. He is an asset to your company.”

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